Pssssssstttttttttt!! That shirt is very becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be cumming too!

Bahaha, omg!! I think it’s because of a combination of the pick-up lines and, err… “content” of these posts lately, ahaha.
Aww. I still have a little bit left over; I’d be happy to share! :3 But DUDE. Luckyyyy. I still can’t watch it, so I’m over here all like, legitimately depressed and shit. Dangit. :c
D’awww, oh my gooooodnessss. Poor thiinngg. I’m glad everything’s better though. :3
I’m at the point now that whenever I’m asked that, I just get super sarcastic. Or I’ll try to scare them by talking about my interest in suspension. I LOVE the looks I get when I talk about that. I will say though—at my old job, I was ringing up a mom and her (I’d say 6-) year old daughter. All of a sudden the little girl turns to her mom and goes, “Look mommy! She has pretty things in her lip!!” And her mom just has this look on her face like, “Great. My kid’s gonna grow up to be a pierced freak.” I was amused and flattered all at once. :3 But HAH! Wtf kinda question is that? People are fucking clueless these days, I swear. See personally, I like eyebrow piercings, especially multiple ones. I won’t get one though cause I don’t feel like they’re feminine enough, if that makes sense. But dude, yes. Especially since all my bras feature some sort of dang lacy material. Fucking nipple ring death traps. It’s not MY fault I have a strict “no ugly under things” rule. (Ahaha, more mental images. I guess you could say I like adding fuel to the fire. ;3) But no, not awkward at all. I very much appreciate the vivid detail. ;P I kinda hate to ask this given what we just talked about, but seriously: how badly did it hurt?? (And if you groan at me, boy, I will beat your butt. :P) But yeah, I’ll probably get one eventually since I do actually like them. Just not during cold season. D:

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Cannibals may seem nice but they’re just trying to butter you up

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Pssssssstttt! Do you know what winks and fucks like a tiger? *winks*

Omggg, yes! I’ve done it with scrambled/fried eggs too. Wowowow, so good. x3
I actually have to do the same thing. .-. I think I’m on episode 12 of season 7, but I forget, haha. I’m off work today, so I might just have to re-watch the past couple’a episodes.
But yeeaahh, it’s pretty much nightly for me too. ;3 Kinda sucks though, cause I’ll fall asleep and end up having some awkwardly awesome dreams, bahaha.
But that’s good! And so cute, omggg. I bet your heart just kinda melted all over the place, huh? x3
DUDE, I get the “did it hurt” bullshit all the tiiiiimme. Like seriously, every fucking day. And what’s weird: little old ladies you’d think would be totally conservative and closed-minded end up complimenting me on my medusa and saying it’s beautiful n stuff. :3 But omg, this one lady once actually asked me if my medusa was glued on. HAHAHA, WHAT? Yes, I fucking bedazzled my upper lip, lmaaooo. But that’s awesome! Have you considered bringing any of your old piercings out of retirement? But yeah, I’m all freaked out about getting my nipples pierced. Like, I really want to cause I think it’d look good on me, but at the same time, fucking ouch. Being a lady means I have to wear bras and junk, and there’s more of a risk of like… movement(??) and thus pain. Gah. And omg, I don’t think I’m brave enough for any below-the-belt piercings, haha. I can appreciate them on others though(!). So, like… where /exactly/ are you pierced? If that’s too forward a question, I’m sorry, but I’m honestly curious. :P I was considering piercing my septum for awhile but I can’t tell if I’m gonna like how it looks on me or not. Eeee, but thank ya! I sure hope so, haha.

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[aggressively thinks about having sex with you while keeping a straight face]

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PssssSSSSssssttttTTT! *points to your face* Is this seat taken??

Bahaha, dude, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that before! I even put a little bit of the bacon grease in there too to make it more bacon-y. It was seriously the best thing I’ve put in my mouth. (So far, anyway~)
Ugghh, meee toooooo. Though, I’d be willing to bet there’d be less actual watching of the show and more… other things, ahaha. Just being honest here! ;3
Oh, dear, trust me—the creepiness is mutual. Can’t say I haven’t done the same thing one or ten times myself. x3
Dude, a lot of kids are like that, it’s amazing. But yeah, she’ll be just fine. :3 How is/was she today?
Ahaha, well here’s the thing: when I got hired at my current job, I had retainers in everything. Then I put jewelry in just my medusa for awhile. After no one said anything, I put stuff in the snakebites. I’ve straight up flaunted them right in front of all my managers and no one said anything. Then, just last week, my boss’s boss (whom I’ve met twice) came to visit the store. I fucking forget to put retainers in my piercings, and guy, of fucking course, talks to me. He tried to introduce himself to me, and I was like, “Bro, we’ve met before; I know I look kinda different with my hair.” (I didn’t really address him as ‘bro’, ahaha) And he was like “Oh!” And looks at my mouth and is like, “And you’ve got these goin’ on now, too. Did they hurt??” I laughed it off and have him the same generic answer I give everyone when they ask that, and then he just kinda walked off. Since then, no one’s said anything, so I’m assuming everything’s cool, ahaha. Normally retail places don’t really allow piercings, but in my experience so far, everyone’s been pretty lax. It’s definitely not like working with food or anything, where that shit ain’t allowed, period. But yeah, I know I want one or two little hoops in my nose. Still considering my tongue and nipples (I’m fucking terrified to get them done, omg.) And of course all the crazy ear piercings. And I kiiiiinda want a labret, but I feel like that’d be too much metal around my mouth, ahaha.

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I have bacon macaroni and cheese, motherfucker!

It’s literally just Easy Mac with crumbled up pieces of bacon in it, but it’s still fucking good and I am fucking awesome.

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Psssssst. Babe, if you were a fruit, you’d be a FINEapple.

Bahaha, default line or not, I think we all know my answer to that one. ;3
Omgggg, two episodes left! Let me know when you finish!!
But YES, It’s freaking on right now and I’m not watching it and I’m fucking heartbroken. I’m gonna have to download it tomorrow or something, uggghh.
I’m a little tipsy right now myself, so don’t feel bad, ahaha. But yes. I wanna hear more talk about this “experience” stuff. I want details! (Omg, kinda sorta, but not really, bahaha, sorryyyy.)
But yeah, no problem. I’m sorry to hear your babygirl had a hard day. :c I know I took my anger out on my mom a lot growing up. It sucks, but just know she didn’t mean it at all.
Eeee, I know! And what’s fucking cool: guy who hired me had NO issues with my piercings! Fucking YAY. With all the extra cash I’ma have, this just means I might have to get a couple more. x3

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Psssssstttt! Are you a library book, cause I’m checkin’ you out! (Yes, I’ve decided to go this route, bahaha.)

AWWWW. I actually got this earlier this morning before work and it made me smile like an idiot all day long. :3 In my opinion though, you’re romantic and adorable regardless of what language you’re speaking.
Oh dude, hell yeah! You totally just saved yourself from like, a week of torture, haha. What episode are you on now?
Omg, I know. I didn’t realize it until after I watched the episode and I had the same reaction, haha. I hope she comes back sooooon. The actress who plays her still shows up in the credits though, so hopefully that means she will.
Bahaha, well I speak the truth, darlin’ ;3 Or at least I do about the first thing. The second one, I can’t speak from experience or anything. Feel free to give me that experience though. ;) And thank you! I’m so fucking happy. I’m gonna have like, zero free time now, but at least I’ll be makin’ bank, ahaha. Also, I already replied to your post, but I just want you to know I’m here for you and I hope everything’s okay.

  October 19, 2014 at 08:09pm

My dog is sleeping all curled up in the small of my back. He’s so waaarmm and I’m so cooooldd, and also very sleepy and a tiny bit drunk.

I can’t believe it’s only 10:30 and I’m actually considering going to bed. Like, I’m already legit in bed with the covers over me and the lights off and everything.

Ugh, I wish I had a cutie to make out with until I fall asleep. That would be pretty rad.

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I literally cant fucking breathe 


I don’t even press play I just press the reblog button

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Well that was fucking easy.

Interview was at 2:45, was home by 2:55.

I have a second job now. Yay.

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PSSSTTTTT (I ran out of cute shit to call you. D: You win this round!)

Mine too. xP But oh yeah, Supernatural is GREAT at season finale cliff hangers. The worst so far is season one’s. :P But yeah, a better internet connection would probably be better in the long run. That way you could binge-watch more tv shows! :3
DUDE, right?! But yeah, I plain don’t trust Abraham and his group. AND DUDE. FUCK. Beth is still missing! I wonder what the hell is going on with her and if she’s gonna be reunited with the group. D: TOMORROW IS SUNDAY THOUGH, YAY.
Lmao, I doubt you’d have to train THAT much. Helloooo, German superiority? You got this. ;P bahaha, I’ll bet you do. The whole package and then some. ;3

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This week on Diners, Drive-ins, and Viking Raids.

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