Stick-gods ~ God of Embalming

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True, but waking up to it would be so much more disorienting. D: Either way ya cut it though, I ain’t cool with fallin’ down no sinkhole man, nuh uhh.
ahaha, that too; I get all anxious when I’m down to just one last dryer sheet. There’s actually such a thing as anti static cling spray or whatever and I may or may not keep some handy :P
Bahaha, dude, I know it. I’m surprised Margaret doesn’t yell at me more for my intense tv watching habits. Near as I can figure, though, guys tell at tv’s all the time during sports and shit—it’s a double standard that that’s more acceptable than yelling at actors who are about to be eaten alive by zombies. :P
Gah, damnit, frustrating indeed! I hope it like, downloads faster so you can watch it. D:

  October 01, 2014 at 02:27am

I want to go outside and smoke a cigarette but I don’t want to put on pants.

  September 30, 2014 at 06:36pm

What a long day. Work was a drag, people were pissing me off, and I felt all annoyed and shit all fucking day. (I got invited to a Halloween party though!!!!)

But now I have fried chicken and sweet tea and y’all are jealous. …and that sentence made me sound really fucking southern. (lol cause I am.)

OH. But I fucked up on my work schedule a bit and realized that I have tomorrow off, YAY. …but still have to work Thursday through next Thursday. …mostly morning shifts. Siiighh.

  September 30, 2014 at 05:34pm

Me either, ahaha. I’m an exceptionally heavy sleeper. :P
Ah! Dude, I never use just one dryer sheet in my laundry—not since they found a possible link between static and spontaneous human combustion. Protecting myself from bursting into flame has become such a habit. :P
I’m the same way. I try to talk to them like that can hear me: “NO YOU STUPID FUCK, DON’T DO THAT, YER GONNA DIE.” …I’m also slightly aggressive when it comes to that shit, ahaha.
And yes! The same guys do one for the NFL which is actually pretty funny.
AND AWESOME. You won’t regret it, I promise! I’m gonna be buggin’ the heel outta ya now to see where you’re at in the series. Sorry in advance. :P

  September 30, 2014 at 05:29pm


this explains everything

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#N O  

OMFG, for real! That’s gotta be the funniest scariest scenario ever. What’s fucked up is I would be the person to sleep through something like that and wake up in the earth’s core. D: I’ve slept through two tornadoes and a couple’a hurricanes; that shit is bound to happen to me, ahaha. And I’ll certainly try to be careful! I wish there were some way to like, deter sinkholes. A Sinkhole-B-Gone spray or something, lmao. My room would be covered in an inch-thick layer of the stuff. :P
AWW, you’re my favorite geek-out partner too! No one else laughs at the jokes I make about shit; for some reason I think you would. Plus you get just as heated and excited about shit as I do!
Lmao, I have been too actually. And yes! ahh, motherless Carl, bahaha. Kid got on my nerves more than once, but I actually miss him when he wasn’t some gun-toting prepubescent dick. BUT. OMG. Speaking of Walking Dead. Look up “The Walking Dead bad lip readings” on YouTube. The title is kinda self-explanatory—these guys dub over episodes of the show and do a really good (and really hilarious) job.

  September 29, 2014 at 07:59pm

Sleepy lil fucker

  September 29, 2014 at 04:21pm


Thor crosses the Bifrost as a lightning bolt perfectly follows the path of a rainbow.

Photograph by Birk Möbius

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I read this comic 2 days ago and I’m STILL laughing at it

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They have learned that the lady at the ferry ticket booth occasionally has treats

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  September 29, 2014 at 01:31pm

Dude, seriously! What freaks me out (and has kept me awake on more than one occasion) is kinda just going to bed and waking up at the bottom of a sinkhole. Fuck ALL that shit, man. And yeah, they give ya something pretty to look at before you plummet to your death, ahaha.
D’awww. I’ll be honest; while watching the sites so far, I’ve found myself going, “Damn, I wish Ross watched/is watching this; I could make so many jokes with him!” :P
Gaah, forreal. I kinda miss Shane, to. He was an asshole, but he kept things interesting. Merle, too, for that same reason. Aaannd I gotta watch that scene in season one: when Rick and Glen use zombie guts to disguise their scents in the middle of a horde, and Rick winds up with a fucking lei made of intestines. So fucking metal.

  September 29, 2014 at 01:31am